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Cost effective proofreading for authors, playwrights, students and business

Who Are We?

We are a small team of semi retired readers and friends brought together from various backgrounds with one common factor - our love for the literary qualities of the English language.


If your work has been proofread you can rest assured that it has been checked for spelling, grammar and plagiarism. Proofreaders take on the responsibility for all of this; they are the people who make publications look their very best.

Our Methods

We favour the time consuming but ultimately more thorough methods like hard copy reading. We also embrace technology though as we feel here's a time and a place for both methods.

Why Choose Us?

Primal Proofreaders are a friendly organisation with all of our readers enjoying what they think of as an art. This means that whilst we have to show a profit, our fees are very low. It also means that we are happy to talk you through the process.

A trusted service

We supply a confidential and efficient service to all our clients, all of the time.

Our trained team of revisers are DBS checked and use a mix of traditional and digital methods to give you peace of mind in all aspects of work. We are also mindful that it can sometimes feel a little intrusive having your personal creativity looked over by a stranger.

As our team comprises friends and colleagues from various literary backgrounds who have known each other for a long time. We have have an unwritten law and bonding that results in us all striving for the same high standard of work. Ok, we’re a bit geeky about it all but that’s only good for our customers eh?

As well as spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, we keep a keen eye out for any hints of plagiarism that may be innocently placed in your work during the creative process.

How we can help you


We have budding authors approach us, understandably a little nervously sometimes owing to the nature of their work, with what they feel is an almost embarrassing amount of grammatical errors. Fear not. We help nurture your piece of work into the product that you always wished it to be.


We can assist you in your quest to become the next Shakespeare with clear and concise editing tools to help your rehearsals go smoothly.


Wanting to get your masterpiece down in manuscript form but not sure if all the tadpoles are in the right spot? We can check that your passage is performed as it was intended with accurate transcribing.


Let us proofread your essays and assignments, allowing you to concentrate on the subject matter of your exam submission.

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"Fairly fast turn around which was vital with the short notice that I gave"
Ashley Miles
"It makes self producing my new brochure financially viable"
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